Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BetterManageOurResources - enough already!

How many times in the course of the day do you hear that that the province would be oh-so better off if we could just learn to BetterManageOurResources?

Sometimes it's said about the province having to BetterManageOurResources. Often this mantra is uttered in the context of the feds who have failed to BetterManageOurResources - ie the cod they let go to foreigners, greedy fish companies or hungry aliens.

In either case, the solution is plain - we need to BetterManageOurResources. And if we only our governments did more to BetterManageOurResources, then life would be sweet for all.

Forestry resources, fishery resources, mineral resources, built heritage resources, financial resources, tourism resources, human resources, cultural resources, historical resources - you name it and we have the resource for it. All we have to do is just BetterManageOurResources.

What a vacuous and meaningless contribution to the public debate. It amazes me that we swallow this empty statement as if it actually meant something.

It's the kind of pablum issued all the time by the government of the day. Every government of the last 20 years is guilty of it for sure. And every department of this particular government says it all the time.

Then it's repeated over and over again all the time on the talk radio shows as the solution to all our problems. Echoed back to government, they pick it back up and the cycle continues.

Even the media and local commentators has been sucked into this when they should really know better.

I'm waiting for someone to say how we need to BetterManageOurResources - that's when the fights will start because that's when choices will have to be made.

And that's why nobody wants to go there.

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