Friday, August 18, 2006

Thank you Telegram

About a year ago I replied to the Telegram's call for members of their Community Editorial Board. I submitted a few pieces and, to my surprise, I was accepted!

Since then they have published 6 of my pieces on their editorial page. The topics have ranged from municipal election reform to global warming to the Ruelokke-Williams-CNLOBP dispute.

I just wanted to thank the good people at the Telegram for the opportunity to participate in their community editorial board with a special thanks to Joe Walsh for his enormous patience. He would sometimes call me while I was in Iqaluit or Montreal or wherever I'd be stuck working at the time to remind me a piece was due. He always took me at my word when I told him that, by good or by God, I'd get it to him. I always did but sometimes it was a near thing.

One time I took shots at the anti-sealing industry that hit too close to home for their liking. As per their latest strategy of silencing their critics through the liberal application of libel chill, the anti-sealing legal dweebs formally complained to the Tely and forced a pro-forma apology out of them. They did the right thing, I thought, because it was never my intent to ever cause the publication any trouble. They issued the required correction because their lawyers told them to but I could hear the teeth gritting from here.

And the good people at the Tely never held that against me and for that I am grateful.

Yesterday was the last piece to be published. That one, and the other, are gradually being added to this site as I get around to it.

Thank you, Telegram, and keep up the good work!

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