Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't mention the war II

As mentioned previously, it seems like any questioning our genetic/historic right to take seals inspires a total shut-down of any common sense or perspective. We will come up with the most ridiculous and offensive over-the-top attacks on the anti-sealers in our efforts to justify our actions.

We can't help but play into their hands as they show us up as wild-eyed lunatics ready to club anything and anyone.

That brings us to the award of Runner-up for the next chauvinistic, short-sighted insensitive fool to break the silence and talk about how ungrateful those Germans were after all we did for them after the war and besides, those disgraceful people caused the Holocaust!

(Mr. William Rowe won the first-out-of-the-gate award on Thursday)

The envelope please. . . .

Mr. Wayne Osmond of the Table Mountains blog. In his winning entry he argues, illustrated by an image of the gates of Auschwitz that:
"The Germans are now becoming a part of a group that seems to want to enforce cultural GENOCIDE on our province (they actually use to have a monopoly on it at one time. old habits are hard to break)."
Congratulations to you, Mr.Osmond, for comparing the plight of NL sealers to that of a people who, thanks to a psychopathic and murderous regime, lost 6 million or more of their compatriots to poison gas, gunshot and starvation and then had their corpses disposed of in massive ovens.

You can rest assured that your hasty and ill-advised comparison of that human catastrophe to the recent banning of the import of an agricultural product by the government of Germany will be successful in offending Jews and right-thinking people everywhere and will do nothing to bring support to your side.

Let's see who will get an Honourable mention. After all, March madness is just beginning.

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