Thursday, May 24, 2007

Seriously? Or irony?

The other day, Bond Papers brought to my attention the editor's column of the Telegram. In it, Russell Wangersky concludes with:
That would give us a media that specializes in cheerleading, printing speeches and delivering political adoration — and I don’t think it is disdain to suggest that that sort of media will serve our politicians very well, but our population not at all.
In part, that conclusion would be based on some observations of the latest shenanigans of The Independent and its Managing Editor, Ryan Cleary. For a sample of those observations, you can check mine here and those by Meeker on Media here.

So when I was tossing the trash this morning, my eye caught this from P3 of the Indy (click to enlarge).

It was the last line that grabbed me - "Maybe they agree with Danny ...".

I really can't tell if this was meant to be irony (because the gentleman quoted expressed a sad sentiment that I've heard frequently from all walks of the business community) or if the editor intended it seriously.

Then again, that question could be asked for most of the paper these days.

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