Wednesday, October 24, 2007

They don't get it either

This story from BC has echoes of the kind of low-rent political shaggery that this province has become famous for - using government programs for rank political gain. In this case, passing out child booster seats.

A Vancouver Sun story notes that:
"I think child safety was used for partisan purposes, and I think that's disgraceful," said Trevena, the NDP critic for child care, early childhood development and women's issues.

Trevena said 2,000 child booster seats -- worth about $40,000, and being distributed to low-income families throughout the province as part of a government program -- were all funneled through Liberal constituency offices, and none were available to be distributed by NDP MLAs.
Government's defense?

Minister of State for Childcare Linda Reid said Tuesday the seats had gone to 12 Liberal constituency offices, but only because that was the easiest route for distribution.

Thanks for clearing that up. In other words, a worthy public safety campaign aimed at protecting children has morphed into a partisan political advancement scheme.

A very unimpressive exercise in political boosterism.

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