Friday, August 29, 2008

Democratic Speeches

It's easy to dismiss US political speakers as boring and dreary but the truth is that they are like speakers here or anywhere - some are boring and dreary but others send shivers up your spine.

Keep in mind that not all speeches that are written are ever delivered. Great words and phrases are sometimes left on the oratorical equivalent of the cutting room floor.

Here are two worth checking out from the US Democratic convention compete with text and structure. These two speeches are Democratic political bookend speeches. The first is from Senator Edward Kennedy, rising from his sick bed with what might be his last great speech he will ever give before he inevitably succumbs to brain cancer. The second is the acceptance speech from Barack Obama as he launches into the general election campaign.

The first is a heartbreaker of a speech while the second points to the future and together these two speeches represent an historic transition.


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