Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The anti-Obama

After the release of this video comes this parody, complete with trademark Obama dark suit and opalescent tie. This crude video inverts a message of other-centered hope into a derivative, ego-centered gloat. The responses of the people I've seen watch it have ranged from groans to chuckles to horror. Was that the intent?


MississaugaPeter said...

I am glad that Newfoundland and Labrador is a Have-Province. I wish all of Canada was a Have-Nation.

The folks in Newfoundland have gone through a lot of hardship the past 30 years - since their way of life was altered by falling fish stocks. I am happy to see they are experiencing some joy after so many challenges.

Next time I am in that fine province, I will raise a glass of screech in hope that their new wealth brings them continued joy.

Mark said...

Mississauga Peter - it is impossible for all of Canada to be "have". That's the folly of this nonsense. It's a purely relative measure. How can all of Canada's provinces have a fiscal capacity higher than the average of all ten provinces? What you're suggesting makes no sense. It's mathematically impossible.

Anonymous said...