Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ruby Dhalla and editorial discretion

Newspaper photo editors have enormous discretion in the photos they select to illustrate stories. And when it comes to young and comely politicians, the range of possibilities can be wide indeed.

Take the case of Ruby Dhalla and consider this photo. Ask yourself what kind of story would this photo be considered appropriate to illustrate (keeping in mind that the photo is copyright Maxim)


As it turns out, it was used to illustrate a story on the world's most physically attractive female politicians.

Maybe this is a case of living by the sword and thereby dying by the sword but still, when politicians are in public favour, the photos are flattering and attractive. But when they fall out of favour, it would be hard to recognise them as the same person.

Consider the media choices of illustrating photographs pre-nannygate and post-nannygate.

Can you tell which is which? Worth a thousand words or more.


nlpress said...

As a long time photo editor I resent you denying me what litte humour and fun there is left in the news business! ...there is only us and the headline writers who have not been eviscerated and left as humourless zombies ;)

You may think the pen is mightier than the sword but true power resides at the photo desk.


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