Thursday, October 26, 2006

More on political ads

If you hasn't read it yet, check this post on the Michael J. Fox ad on behalf of Claire McCaskill, democratic challenger to Missouri Senator Jim Talent and then come back here.

Here's the Republican response ad:

Does it have the same impact? Not to my eyes; it's cheap and fast and just a desperate response to getting caught in a very small spot.

There's also this ad:

Like me, you'll be sucked into believing that it's a genuine ad until the very very end.

This is a good example of two new phenomena. The first is viral advertising. Ed has well covered viral marketing here and this ad is a political example of that concept. It has never run in mainstream media and it never will; it was never intended to.

The other phenomena is the home-made ad. This ad was done on someone's personal computer using little more than the standard movie-making package bundled with Windows XP and then posted to YouTube.

Just add wicked imagination and you too can do a political ad.

We will see more of these.

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