Sunday, June 25, 2006

Logical disconnect?

As a regular caller to the call-in shows, Merv Wiseman, president of the Fur Breeders Association and local head farmer through his work with the agricultural association, has been very clear and very vocal: people should support their local producers of food, fur and other products through higher prices and regulatory protection.

One day I heard him on the radio arguing that there should be a special "levy" (read "tax") on food to support local farmers so that we would not have to import food from other jurisdictions. This importation is, in his view, bad regardless of how cheaper it might be to the consumer.

So you can see the kind of mirth and merriment this VOCM story should raise in the local salons. It's so good I think I should reproduce it in it's entirety:

Go Figure - Fish Offal Imported
June 25, 2006

Fur breeders in Newfoundland want the provincial government to help them out with the most expensive aspect of their operation - feed.

They are not looking for a subsidy, rather some rules they can go by to access fish offal from this province. Believe it or not, fur breeders - those who raise things like mink - actually imported most of their fish offal last year from Ontario and Scandinavia. They say it's too expensive to buy it from fish plants here.

Merv Wiseman, president of the Fur Breeders Association, says fish companies here charge too much.

Clearly sauce for the goose is not equal to sauce for the gander

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