Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sue Joins Digital World - Again

Here's an interesting site.

For those who are frequent listeners to talk radio (VOCM's Open Line, BackTalk, Night Line or CBC's Crosstalk) you will no doubt know the name and charming voice of the inimitable and indefatigable Sue Kelland-Dire:

  • Endless consumer of public airtime;
  • Former leader of the NL Party
  • One-time provincial Liberal government staffer,
  • One-time PC political staffer,
  • Harper advisor in last federal election
  • One-time entrepreneur
  • Sometime lobbyist and;
  • Protector of crown corporations everywhere.

Well, now she's come to the internet and the world of blogging in a brand new way. You can see her site right here. The nice thing about that is if you miss her latest contribution to the public discourse on the radio, you can just go to her blog and give it a read.

But if you want to fully experience Sue at her best on the topic closest to her heart (NL Hydro), I suggest checking out http://lowerchurchill.blogspot.com/.

It was her tireless campaign against the Wells proposal to privatise NL Hydro in th 1990's that earned her the moniker "Queen of Open Line" and caused her to christen herself the HydroQueen.

There's been other Sue-inspired campaigns as well. In one case it looks like Sue has been doing a little bit of digital cleanup because she's has taken down at least one of her previous sites. That one was recallharper.theblog.net (don't bother, it's dead) - all about recalling David Emerson (never mind the inconvenient fact that Canada has no national recall provisions).

That site was launched with great fanfare and a press release which can be seen here (scroll down about 4 blog entries).

I'm not sure what happened to that campaign; I guess it just fizzled out.

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