Thursday, June 15, 2006

MUN to Memorial Re-Branding

I don't have more to add on this than has already been mentioned by TownieBastard, Cove Blogger and Skylarkd who got out of the gate early on this issue. Clearly the matter of dropping the "of Newfoundland" from the university's name has punched some buttons.

Listening to Victoria Collins of MUN on CBC Morning Show, I was struck by how much PR-speak and Marketing jargon she threw around. She didn't really say anything wrong but on the other hand she really said nothing of substance at all. I thought it was interesting when she said the Senate has nothing to do with this (technically correct) as though it excuses ignoring them (politically stupid).

I thought the university has already tried changing the name some time ago and that project was stopped in it's tracks. Are they now trying to sneak through the back door what they couldn't walk through the front?

I don't have a problem in principle with looking at the name and logo for MUN. I do think the current logo looks dated. However, the fact is that if this branding goes through, the university won't have to ever formally rename itself because the real name (MUN) will be relegated to purely formal and legal functions. How many organizations out there have a legal name but operate under a popularly known brand name. More than you'd think.

Also, in listening to Ms. Collins, there was something in what she said and how she said it that rang bells in my head. Looking around, I found what she had reminded me of: just take a look at this New York Times story called "To Woo Students, Colleges Choose Names That Sell". This trend of rebranding universities is not new or restricted to the comms/pr professionals at MUN.

For the record, I think the new logo looks kinda generic and the name change is ridiculous.

Does anybody know what firm, if there was one, came up with this?

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