Wednesday, November 01, 2006

By election day (I)

I'll post on the Signal Hill Quidi Vidi election results later but for now I'll provide two small examples of campaign silliness in the current set of US elections:

In Alabama a candidate named Loretta Nall is running for governor for the Libertarian Party of Alabama. Part of her charming campaign swag was is a persuasive t-shirt featuring this:

If you want to check out her website it's here and you can support her campaign by purchasing this t-shirt as well as other items here.*

I kid you not.

When you've recovered from that, may I redirect you to this article in the New York Times on US candidates losing their cool in the late campaign pressure cooker.

Highlights include:

  • Representative Barbara Cubin, a Wyoming Republican facing a strong challenge in what should be a safe seat, this week told an opponent who uses a wheelchair that she would slap him were he not disabled;
  • Representative Harold E. Ford Jr. of Tennessee used his campaign bus to interrupt a news conference of his opponent in the Senate race.
Again, truth is stranger than fiction.

Go vote.


* Don't bother to send me hate e-mails - I don't make up this stuff.

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