Thursday, November 02, 2006

"I was told, this is Dannyland"

I worked for Premier Wells in a period when he too was topping the polls at stratospheric levels.

During the Meech Lake time, he was as popular, or more popular, as Williams is now. Not just that, he was receiving voluminous expressions of support from right across the country in the face of vehement and aggressive oppostition from a powerful federal government.

The office was dead center between two powerful and implacable national forces.

It was a tense, high-pressure and heady time . . . But. . . .

If I had tried to bully some senior national party official into line with some remark like "You're in Clyde country now", I can safely predict the response from our wise old Chief of Staff - a smack in the head, a kick in the ass and a scathing reprimand for tossing around the Premier's name around for my own self-aggrandisement and for showing such utter disrespect to a visitor to our province.

And I would not have wanted to predict how much flaming shit would have rained down upon my head should word of my remarks reach the ears of then-Premier Wells himself.

My, how political mores have changed over time.

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