Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Current - a worthwhile read

I always liked The Current. It's a kind of a fearless smartass publication. Not quite Frank (thankfully! Frank is generally too much and almost always too personal for my tastes), the Current go where most local mainstream media fear to tread.

They have two fine articles this month on current affairs. One, on an incident outside the recent provincial PC convention I've already alluded to here.

The second is a longer piece called In The reign of Danny Williams by Greg Locke. It's thoughtful and incisive and not only because the writer took the time to quote me all over the place - he talked to lots of other people too like Ed Hollett, Michael Temelini, a MUN political science professor and Jack Harris.

Greg Locke is one of our better informed local commentators and his thoughts are always worth reviewing.

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