Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dinn takes PC nomination in a walk

You have to admire clear political success when you see it.

In an open nomination process, John Dinn took 1,176 of the 2,007 votes cast, well ahead of challengers Jack Lee, who took 640 votes, and Sean Hammond, who had 191 votes.

John Dinn chose last year not to run for St. John's City Council after sitting in that charming environment for more that 10 years. And that came after a long and distinguished career as mayor of Goulds.

Now I expected Hammond (apparently backed by some remnants of the Byrne district machine) to do better so I was surprised at that level of shellacking.

I suspected Dinn would come out on top given his very long involvement in the politics of the area. The fact that local kingmaker and former MHA Bob Aylward, lately of the Wally Collins Ward 5 municipal coronation, was in his corner clearly sealed the deal.

Besides, he's a nice guy who has managed to make many friends and very few enemies over the years.

So for two parties, the bye-election lines are drawn: PC John Dinn versus Liberal Bob Clarke.

It leaves only the NDP to weigh in, probably early in the new year. If the NDP are going to be in this game then they had best make their way to the starting line as soon as they can.

That Dinn can motivate 125 volunteers and pull almost 1200 votes just for a nomination, especially in such a busy time this close to Christmas, bodes well for his chances.

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