Friday, December 01, 2006

Northern humour

This is from today's Hansard of the Nunavut Territorial Legislature. It's a Member's Statement; a part of the House proceedings when members can stand up and bring up an issue important to them and/or their constituents (we have those in the House of Assembly and Commons too).

Member’s Statement 345 – 2(3): Seal and Animal Protesters (Arvaluk)

Mr. Arvaluk: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Sometimes northerners, especially those who are living on the land, are misunderstood by animal rights groups like Paul McCartney’s protest on anti-sealing last spring.

However, I’ve learned that counter-misunderstanding was sometimes equally puzzling. When the news came at twelve o’clock, I was driving my boys from school. In the interview the CBC asked a protester, “What’s your favourite animal?”

She said, “A seal.” “Why a seal?” The protester replied, “Because I love seal pups’ eyes.”

My friend, who was seven at the time, apparently was listening; I didn’t know he was listening. He said, “Me, too. Yummy.”



Nunavut and NL have much in common.

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