Friday, December 01, 2006

The king of Kilbride is dead, long live the king

Later I'll be posting my thoughts on the Ed Byrne resignation but first . . .

Democracy marches on with several names popping up for the upcoming Kilbride by-election. Unlike the recent one in Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi, this bye-election will be more reflective of the mood of the people in the district because no party leaders will be candidates.

So far for the PC's it sounds like Premier Williams has yet to anoint his dauphin so no doubt that name will bubble out as soon as the Premier gives his permission. In the meantime, several names have been speculated about so far including local hockey personality Jack Lee and the Deputy Minister of the Department of Business Leslie Galway.

The first has the advantage of being hockey-affiliated (a major criteria in the Premier's previous decisions) while the second has the distinction of already recieved the Premier's grace through her current government appointment.

We'll see if other names bubble up.

On the Liberal side, Bob Clarke, President of the Liberal Association in the district has expressed interest. Another name of note is, and should be, Ed Hollett of Robert Bond Papers who lives in the District, knows the issues well and has a better profile than Mr. Clarke.

With the Liberal nomination opening and closing on the same day next week (Tuesday), decisions will have to be made quickly.

As for the NDP, only time will tell.

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