Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sullivan sees the light on the way out

This story popped up on VOCM and vanished so fast that it was easy to miss. It's worthwhile repeating in full here:
A Few Good Years
December 29, 2006

Finance Minister Loyola Sullivan says it’s very important to have continuity in the offshore oil industry. Sullivan says Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose fields will have a reasonable life span and the next three years will be some of the best revenue producing years that the province is ever going to have. After that, Sullivan says the revenues will start going down.
This has been the position put forward by NOIA as well as other industry groups, prominent members of the oil and business community and respected observers, analysts and economists.

It's also the position that has been persistently attacked by the Premier as being anti-province at worse and dismissed as naive at best.

Then, all of a sudden, on the eve of his sudden resignation, this position has been given credence and credibility by one of the most senior and respected government ministers.

Did he feel the freedom to speak truth to power on his way out the door or was he shown the door for speaking truth to power?

Little wonder Premier Williams felt the need to reiterate his position here.

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