Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tory attack ad update

First, it looks like the Conservative Party may be in copyright violation for the video clips used in the ads. Might just be a matter of time before they get yanked from everywhere.

You really have to wonder what the strategy here is. I suspect that Conservative polling numbers are likely showing that Dion is either not particularly well-defined in English Canada or his numbers are just plain soft. Clearly they want these ads to provide that definition service in sort of the same way the PC's in Ontario kneecapped Dalton McGinty before the last couple of Ontario provincial elections - spend the money to run the attack ads way in advance and bury him.

But what I don't understand is this: if they are trying to force the Liberals to put off an election until later then why use a tactic that could so piss off the Liberals that they'll want to take out Harper's government ASAP? It's a high-risk strategy that could backfire.

Meanwhile the media response has been interesting. Stories here and here think it might work, a story here thinks it's deplorable while a story here just isn't sure.

Clearly they are meeting a mixed reception.

Second: I've been given better links directly to the ads themselves. You can find them below.

Clean up the Environment

Not a Leader

Back to Power

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