Thursday, February 15, 2007

By election madness - Labrador West

There's an old joke that says you always know when the by election is coming - the road paving machines arrive and pave everything that's not nailed down.

Here's a variation of that:

Below is a video posted to YouTube of a loader taking soil samples at a hospital construction site in western Labrador. The little pile of dirt you see in the image, I'm told, is the product of 2 days work on this hole only. And this is the first hole of the many to be sampled at six different sites.

You can see the problem the operator is having in keeping his machine level and stable.

Considering the fact that the temperature was -30 and the ground would have the rough consistency of igneous rock, the question become: Why bother now?

Why bother doing it at this time when it's months before any possible construction could start?

Why bother risking damage to a very expensive piece of equipment let alone the risk to life and limb of a heavy equipment operator?

Why bother fighting nature when you could simply wait for better weather and dig the holes by hand in a fraction of the time?

Why bother making such a publics spectacle of buzzing activity around a hospital construction site?

Why bother?

In an unrelated story . . .

Today, after a previous announcement earlier in the year, Randy Collins has announced his resignation from the House so triggering a by election in the area.

And Premier Williams denies that any construction projects are political goodies intended to persuade voters saying that both the Labrador West hospital and the Nicholsville bridge have been in the works for a long time.

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