Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We've seen this before

The Telegram hit the nail on the head with their editorial this morning!

In a time of provincial economic and demographic decline and general political despair and apathy, Premier Williams and co. have really picked the wrong fight to satisfy their goal way of growing our way to prosperity.

They have taken valuable time from generating and implementing economic policy in favour of making their enemies list, checking it twice and then threatening and/or launching legal action, where appropriate, like some diabolical Santa Claus.

This is a self-indulgent luxury and an opportunity cost at our expense.

That's the problem with political jihads: first you start with the big enemies on the outside like Ottawa and big oil and then it's just so easy to slide into an attack on your own citizens.

It took the Peckford government 10 years to bring themselves to this point; it took Premier Williams just 3-1/2.

No good will come of this.


Premier Williams just appeared on Open Line announced that the IEC will NOT be covering the leagal expenses of Minister John Hickey.

Yesterday on CBC, Premier Williams made it clear that the IEC would be covering the Minister's legal expenses and that it was perfectly justifiable.

Then the roof caved in under a blistering attack from a flood of talk radio callers.

So he changed his course. Clearly the Premier is not for turning for nobody or nothing.

Except adverse public reaction.

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