Friday, February 16, 2007

Humber Valley by election and Rideout

The government says there was something amiss in the Humber Valley by election.

According to Deputy Premier Rideout, "The ballot box was moved from where it was set up and taken around to seniors' cottages so seniors could vote from where they were residing."

According to Chuck Fury, "The district returning officer has the right to temporarily suspend the poll and with the election clerk in tow as a witness can move ballot boxes from bed to bed or from room to room where people are incapacitated or for whatever reason cannot make it out to the ballot box."

Keep in mind that this kind of thing has been going on for years and are exactly the same rules under which Mr. Rideout was elected several times.

Oddly, during the Ferryland by election when complaints were raised that a polling station was located in the same building as the tory campaign headquarters, Mr. Rideout (seen at right in his DemocracyMan superhero costume) was nowhere to be seen or heard.

In every interview so far on this Humber Valley election issue, Mr. Rideout has conveniently left out the real reason why government believes something went amiss in that by election.

They lost.

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