Friday, June 22, 2007

Branding, northern style

In a recent interview I did with Mr. Edward Martin, President and CEO of NL Hydro and the new and unnamed provincial energy corporation, he noted that this new entity would get a name after a branding exercise.

Some variation on the triffids, perhaps?

Branding, as noted before, is a useful process but much more complicated than it first appears; brands are not logos/wordmarks although a logo/wordmark might represent a brand.

In poking around on this issue, I came across this history of branding website which shows dozens of brands and where they came from.

All this is a segue to some of the most interesting brands and logos I've seen in my recent travels. These are photos I took of signs on buildings in Iqaluit, Nunavut. They all use common and recognizable northern symbols as their basic image and then give them a slight twist, in some cases, to project the function of the organization they represent.

I love the housing corporation one.

Thanks to Townie Bastard for reminding me I had these.

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