Friday, June 01, 2007

Premier Williams tackles the big questions

It's not often these day that Premier Williams calls talk radio so when he does, you can count on something interesting, if not significant.

Today, his contribution to the public conversation of democracy was neither interesting nor significant.

Look at the context: the province is up in arms over a second radiologist suspension, Hydro has a brand new structure through a new government-owned holding company, the budget has just passed and there's a judicial inquiry in the wings looking at how our health system kept vital health information to itself instead of notifying patients.

All or some of these things, one would think, would be worthy of comment from the highest politician and most senior public sector executive in the land. After all, these are all items of vital public interest.

But you would be wrong.

Instead, he took his time on the public airwaves whinging and moaning about a topic important to him about which nobody outside the House cares a whit: Irish limousines.

And the host, standing in for the interests of the people of the province and in his role in promoting debate on the vital issues facing this province, let him do so without challenge.

The lesson of the day is why talk about the hard stuff when you can distract with the easy stuff. Never forget: Talk radio is entertainment.

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