Thursday, July 19, 2007

Military as patronage, tainted by upalong

An extension of the misplaced attitude that military spending should be used as economic development money is the witless idea that senior military appointments are patronage posts.

Canada (and NL is part of that) has an international reputation as well-trained and professional. And that includes the military contingent from this province which is way disproportionately high compared to our population (5-10 times higher depending on the source).

The military environment, compared to almost any other type of organizational environment, is a hard-core meritocracy. General's stars are not handed out like candy based on political popularity.

So to baldy state that positions like Chief of the Defence Staff turns the individual into a puppet of any kind is based on fundamental ignorance of fact and knowledge. It reveals the final triumph of chauvinistic fanaticism over common sense.

There's an old "joke' about NLer's who leave the province and do well:

When they stay away they betray us by not giving the province of their birth the benefit of their skills, abilities and position. If they return home, then they really weren't successful anyway otherwise why would they have left to come back home?

Add a new one: NLer's successful away should stay away because they've been somehow tainted by their time away.

It must be the water upalong, I guess.

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