Monday, July 09, 2007

MLAs under investigation in NWT

In the Northwest Territories, an MLA gets an additional annual $27,000 Yellowknife rent allowance if they swear they normally live outside the territorial capitol region. The allowance pays for their housing when they are in the territorial capital on assembly business.

It might sound like an excessive amount but it's not really all that huge considering local rent levels.

Still at least one MLA swore he did live outside Yellowknife and collected the additional $27k even though he did not live in the small community just south of Yellowknife as he claimed.

The story states in part:

Assembly speaker Paul Delorey announced the audit at the request of other MLAs, who wanted to make sure all housing claims are legitimate.

"They want the public to know that what they're saying is in fact the truth," Delorey told CBC News.

"The credibility and honesty … and the integrity of the institution is at stake. So it's exactly why we're doing the audit.

Sounds familiar. The story goes on to say:
"It shows that we have some gaps in our system that need to be looked at," Sahtu MLA Norman Yakeleya said. "It shows that MLAs have to be a little more monitored or scrutinized."
They are not the only ones, it seems.

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