Friday, December 12, 2008

And the new Senator from NL is. . . .

The National Post today speculates about potential new senate appointments. Of local interest are:

The former member from Avalon, Newfoundland, is said to be lobbying hard for the Newfoundland and Labrador position. He was elected in 2006 but lost in the past election. He defended Mr. Harper's budget when he was at war with Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams and would be happy to go after Mr. Williams from the Senate.


The former CEO of Fisheries Products International would be an alternate choice from Newfoundland. The Prime Minister likes him, say sources.
And what about our former MP, Loyola Hearn?  He's listed as an also-ran:

In no particular order: Loyola Hearn, Monte Solberg, Doug Finley, Irving Gerstein, Stanley Hartt, Patricia Mella, Stephen Greene, Jacques Menard, Joe Oliver.


CfSR said...
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CfSR said...

CfSR said...
Solberg won't go.

There is no Alberta vacancy and appointing him from anywhere else would show the lack of depth of Harper's trusted network (possibly true) and look especially desperate (again possibly true)

For either or both reasons, Solberg would be especially bad optics on top of what is a self-inflicted communications challenge.

BTW, how much property could Monte buy in NL for $4500?

Edited to remove typos and add snark.

Allan said...

One of the lesser-known requirements of qualification for the Senate of Canada is you actually have to have a spine or a backbone of some form. Therefore Fabian Manning does not qualify.