Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Andy: You Talk Too Much

Just when you thought that the city and province could enjoy some Andy-free media, our hopes have been dashed by his latest remarks.

Wells' attacks on Hearn guarantees that nobody in any position of responsibility will ever talk to or deal with Andy ever again.

When Wells accused Hearn of misleading him through empty assurances that the CEO and Chair job was his, he took one more step into political pariah status. And it doesn't matter if the charges are true or not.

If Hearn did make those remarks, then besides the fact that Heanr had no business making comitments in an area over which he had no control, then Andy has assured that nobody will ever provide him with any kinds ov committments, empty or otherwise.

If Hearn did not make those remarks, then Andy's bold-faced lies means nobody will touch him with a ten-foot pole.

Either way, Andy's telephone won't be ringing for a while and his calls won't get returned.

Not an auspicious beginning when embarking upon a new career as board member of the CNLOPB.

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