Sunday, September 10, 2006

Unfit to Govern, Unfit to Oppose

(update - see here too)

I become more convinced every day that the NDP are not a political party in the true sense when I see stories like this one on VOCM:

Michael Supports Withdrawal of Troops

Provincial NDP leader Lorraine Michael says she supports the federal party's call for a withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan. Michael is attending the federal NDP convention in Quebec City. She says the majority of the Newfoundland delegation also supports the withdrawal of troops. NDP delegates voted about 90 per cent in favour of leader Jack Layton's call for a pullout, making it formal NDP policy. Layton wants Canadian troops out of Afghanistan by February.
Instead they are a group of well-meaning, social-minded dilettantes with little, if any, interest or awareness in the substance or consequences of public policy decisions beyond their simplistic and surface standards of pseudo-morality.

The NDP, in their present state, are clearly unfit to govern this country or this province. They cannot even reach their own rather modest goal of presenting a principled opposition.

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