Monday, September 11, 2006

Premier Williams Accepts Reality re Ruelokke

Back on August 8, I offered advice to Premier Williams on his best option to deal with the Ruelokke delimma based on my past experience in advising Premiers and ministers on getting out of the problems they put themselves in.

My advice would have been:

"Mr. Premier, it's time to cut your losses. Your misplaced determination to install Andy Wells as Chair has caused you and this government severe legal and political embarrassment. The public perceives that this has become an issue of stubbornness on your part and wants you to move forward.

As you previously promised, don't appeal this decision.

Instead immediately issue a press release appointing Mayor Wells to the vacant seat on the CNLOPB, and be sure to include all the usual accolades about how he will fight for the interests of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians etc, etc, etc.

At the end include a paragraph accepting the judgement of Justice Halley and wishing Ruelokke well in his position as Chair and CEO of the CNLOPB.
Maybe more time passed than was seemly but in the end the right thing was done; no charge for the advice this time.

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