Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Confederation Day

I would really like to do a long post on the whole issue of Newfoundland and Labrador's confederation with Canada but, to my great regret, this is not a day where I have the time to do that. Regular readers will know how much I would really want to but I'm afraid it will have to wait until next year.

Let it suffice for the moment to note the variety of posts on the subject by Ed at Bond Papers, Liam at Responsible Government, Greg at News from NL and Wally at Labradore here and here.

If nothing else, these posts and their associated comments show how federalists are diverse in their philosophical underpinnings and perspectives.

Even more, the posts show the wide variety of the nationalist streams ranging from the mild autonomists to outright separatists with their philosophies ranging from Libertarian to romantic communal pastoralist to radical and disturbed Red Army types (shudder).

Clearly this is a complex debate with many positions and passions at play.

The best part is that this debate can carry on without resorting too often to the rhetorical knife in the ribs (although that could improve) and never, so far, to literal guns and improvised explosive devices.

I only wish we could rely more on facts than the gut although without the gut, this debate would likely never take place at all.

But I do have to add this for myself: there is no doubt in my mind that confederation has been very good for this province and that both NL and Canada have done well by the relationship.

I see no conflict in the idea of a strong and proud NL within a united and powerful Canada and I would cheerfully hit the streets to prevent that relationship from ending.

Happy Confederation Day.

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