Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Old things new again

For those who had their political coming of age in the 1980's there is a certain nagging familiarity with current political events. You might remember a pundit named Babara Yaffe who was widely read at the time. In a Globe and Mail column on April 9, 1981, at another low point in the federal-provincial wars, she encapsulated the administration of Premier Brian A. Peckford at about the same point in his administration as Premier Williams is now.

The column opens with the paragraph:
The Newfoundland Government ought to set up a consulting services. The advertising promos might read: "Want to take on a province or other government jurisdiction? Call us for dynamite rhetoric and relentless service:" Alas, in small letters at the bottom of the page, would appear the following: "Satisfaction definitely not guaranteed."
It's worth reading to see how old things are new again.

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