Monday, April 23, 2007

Premiers spurn Premier

How does a premier garner national attention and support for their issue?

They make it a national issue and build support amongst colleagues using any national platform they can to push their agenda forward.

So it's more than just a little significant when the Council of the Federation* issues their agenda for their next meeting and Premier Williams' current topic de guerre is conspicuously absent.

On May 1, the Premiers meet in Toronto to talk about climate change and energy plans so they can meet in Moncton in August to talk about climate change and energy plans.

Oddly, equalization seems to have dropped off the national agenda. And that's not a problem unless you still have unresolved equalization issues.


Council of the Federation is the current formal name for the Premiers' regular opportunity to complain about how the feds aren't giving them enough money fast enough.

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