Monday, April 09, 2007

Politics Watch says Loyola Hearn possible election casualty

Politics Watch, a respected national political website, has posted an article outlining four federal ministers who may have trouble returning to Ottawa if the election was held sooner than later.

The four ministers are Michael Fortier (PQ), David Emerson (BC), Tony Clement (ON) and our very own Loyola Hearn (NL).

The article argues that Hearn could suffer from running against not only his riding opponents but also NL Premier Danny Williams.

While there had been rumours that Hearn might be passing on running in the next election, his latest public statements indicate a new feistiness. He's been vigorously defending the federal budget in the face of withering criticism from Premier Williams and has announced more than $100million for projects ranging from new armed forces facilities to literacy programs.

There has been considerable strain and antagonism between Williams and Hearn from the moment Hearn entered cabinet. Most remarkable was a recent CBC video news report where Hearn dismissed Williams as a "loudmouth" who declined to be there for his party during the "hard times".

Hearn has been quoted as saying that he's not not ready to be "forced out" of politics in the same way former Liberal regional minister John Efford was hounded from office by a Williams-led campaign.

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