Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grenfell - another voice chimes in

Thoughts from the Western Edge, a MUN graduate who also graduated from mainland universities, has a thought on the plan to break off Grenfell. It's worth the read.

With a title like Silly Education Ideas, he telegraphs his message right up front. He concludes:
Establishing Grenfell as a university will present an option to young students which will be misleading. They will see the title 'university' and think that they are being offered a program that is on par with other univeristies when it patently will not be. What they will be offered (except possibly in certain narrow specialty areas such as fine arts) is a community college experience in a college that will face severe economic challenges as well as severe reputational challenges. A wise government would recognize that this idea will do nothing to further the future of Grenfell, Memorial or the students of Newfoundland.

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