Saturday, August 11, 2007

Miscellaneous Friday notes

Two posts on other blogs worth looking at . . .

Thoughts From the Western Edge has this look at Quebec's spending power given the recent House of Commons formal recognition of Quebec as a nation inside of Canada.

And you thought it was just a symbolic resolution with no force or meaning? Or did the resolution rock your nationalist world? As far as Robert is concerned, constitutionally this "recognition":
... is really theatre for the Quebec audience only as the various parties try to position themselves on the Plains of Abraham to best re-enact the version where Wolfe if killed and Montcalm triumphs. Quebeckers recognize this for what it is and given their increasingly sophisticated view of the world will watch the politicians go through their paces on this issue but judge them on things like the economy, labour peace and public services.
In the meantime and on a lighter note, (serious business) looks into the future and sees the Williams government treating offshore oil development as a serious public policy issue and not, as some have charged, as a tool to be used towards the end of political hegemony.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, OffalNews brings it all to you.

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