Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Into the breach!

As of today, I am a candidate for the Liberal nomination in the seat of St. John's North.

Looking out at the political and economic landscape, I've reached the point now where it's time to put my name, time and energy on the line. So I'm offering the people of St. John's North a fresh choice.

It's something that I've been considering for a while but it's events over the last few weeks that really clinched it for me. Between the secret Hebron MOU, the high-handed treatment of MUN and the ongoing negligence of important issues like elder care, I want to do what I can to contribute to the public debate.

Last night I sent out a release (see below) and I think it pretty well says it all for the moment. There has already been some media coverage at the Telegram. And I appreciate the kind thoughts of support and positive reception from the blogosphere from Ed at the Bond Papers and Greg Locke; it gives me hope.

I will try to post when I can but you can appreciate that it won't be as frequently as normal. In the meantime there will soon be a campaign website with more information as it comes together.


August 27, 2005

Simon Lono Declares for Liberals
in St. John’s North

Simon Lono today declared his candidacy for the Liberal Party nomination in the provincial district of St. John’s North.

"The people of St. John's North deserve strong, vigorous representation in the House of Assembly," said Lono. "They deserve more than the attitude that St. John's can take the hit in elder care, education and the economy."

This was not a decision taken lightly, Lono said. “It was not an easy choice; I have been thinking about this for a while. I’m running because I’m concerned about the direction the province going.”

“The Williams government has neglected important issues and has misplaced priorities,” said Lono. “They’ve taken no action to address the needs of our aging population. In education, they’ve decided to break up Memorial University without counting the cost to the public purse, the effect on post-secondary education or even if this is the best option for our students.

“As for the economy, we can’t be satisfied to accept mere crumbs of information on a project as important to our future as Hebron; we need more information than government has revealed so far, so we can judge for ourselves. Secret deals are not acceptable.”

Lono notes that it takes a strong representation to make the difference. “The people of St. John’s North have had no voice. We have too many silent, passive members sitting on the government side of the House,” he said. “This government has taken St. John’s North for granted and it shows.”

"Public service has always been important to me, and I know I can contribute energy and new ideas to this province as a member of the House of Assembly working for the people of St. John's North.”


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