Friday, August 17, 2007

Look under the bed

There are no shortage of evil conspiracies out there if you are just willing to open your eyes and see. These theories have at their root the idea that some secret club or person or persons has far reaching enormous malevolent power over you or your society.

There's no evidence of it other than conjectures and speculation. The cases are circumstantial and laughably ridiculous at best. At worse, they poison public discussion and lead to paranoia.

One of my personal favourites is the Trilateral Commission - a supersecret regular meeting of high level public and privet figures who covertly rule the world (so secret they have a website, I notice)*. Another is the New World Order which aims to subvert national sovereignty in favour of UN rule.

A particularly nasty conspiracy theory centered around the Protocols of Zion, a set of forged proceedings which claimed the Jews were working to take over the world. Lots of people suffered at the hands of the fools who fell for that one.

On the local level there's the famous conspiracy among people unknown, for reasons undocumented, who subverted the 1948 NL referendums to force us into Canada. And you know it must be the case because they made a movie about it!

These are all about secret meetings, murky motives and things which must be true because the conspiracy seems to explain so many things. Take this breathless explanation and warning from WebTalk about the latest international conspiracy, the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” or SPP:
The SPP exists only as a verbal entity and is not found in any official treaty or identified in any government legislation. Instead SPP is based on private discussions between the leaders themselves and closed door meetings with big business, lobbyists and political insiders.

From the Canadian perspective, the SPP is a means of completely overhauling Canadian business, military and social programs without having to adhere to normal democratic processes or contend with unwanted public scrutiny.

Since none of what is discussed or agreed upon during SPP meetings is ever reflected in official documents the public has no idea what is being done behind the scenes and no opportunity to have a say in the nation’s future. A future which, if SPP proponents like Stephen Harper have their way, will see Canada suffer massive job losses and lead to the destruction of the of social programs and benefits we all depend on.
Hmm. No documentation or evidence, supersecret meetings, blanket denials, far reaching influence, dire consequences. Sounds like every other wingnut conspiracy throughout the ages.

I guess if you get sucked in by one conspiracy, you have to accept them all.


*At the risk of driving the local fruitloops into another lather, I actually know somebody who was a member of the commission and told me great stories about their sessions. He never let me in on their secret handshake. But he did tell me that virgin sacrifices were now restricted to only once at the beginning of each session and not at the end too as was their previous practice.

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