Wednesday, August 08, 2007

John strikes back

John Crosbie continues to defend MUN in the Telegram and Western Star against the recent Grenfell autonomy decision of government.

He writes, in part:
The issue now is whether Grenfell does become an independent second university in Newfoundland and Labrador or whether Option 1(a) is adopted so that Grenfell becomes a second independent university but disguised as part of a single Memorial University system where Grenfell would have university status with a separate and independent president, executive, Senate and budget but sharing a common Board of Regents with the present MUN.

The Regents and I believe this is unworkable and undesirable and most damaging to the future of MUN. It is an arrangement that would make it impossible to manage and administer the affairs of this so-called university system and MUN without constant political interference and constant continuing battles as to how the resources of MUN are to be divided in future between Grenfell and the rest of the principal entities of MUN, including the Marine Institute.

The board and I do not believe that following Option 1(a) is in the best interest of any part of this province or any of its citizens. I am disappointed to see the premier attempt to justify what he proposes by suggesting that this is an example of the fact that "decisions should be made outside the overpass".

The overpass has no bearing on this issue and it is an attempt to obscure what is happening through political sloganeering. When I was in political life my decisions had nothing whatsoever to do with the overpass or where it was located, both as a federal and a provincial minister, but were guided by what I hope was in the best interest of every part of the province and all of the people who live therein.

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