Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Election day in Saskatchewan (and videos)

It looks like the SaskParty (a rebuilt and re-branded Sask PC party which imploded after sending virtually every member of their last government caucus to jail) is heading to a romp over the NDP. Predictions from John Murney indicate seats of 38-48 for SaskParty, 12-22 for the NDP and the Liberals of 0-2.

On the web and on television, all the parties have been merrily churning out videos for both media. From the looks at these two ads, I can only assume it's been a mean and nasty campaign.

This SaskParty video is a pretty classic attack style video:

This NDP response video, while pretty standard, has some Monty Pythonesque features that catch the eye:

Meanwhile, there's also this guy, Voice of Saskatchewan, who seems to be carrying on a campaign of his own.

Good luck to all the candidates!

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