Friday, November 23, 2007

Your (Lame) Slogan Here

A year ago last summer, the blogs and media were abuzz with MUN's new name, logo and slogan.

Gone was Memorial University of Newfoundland and the red shield crest.

In came a truncated  Memorial name accompanied by a rock-like logo and the cryptic slogan, Become.

A year later it attracts little comment anymore although I still think it looks and sounds silly.  This article on college slogans will reopen old wound by noting:

A good motto is hard to find.

Just ask the University of Idaho. Last year it dropped its motto "From Here You Can Go Anywhere" for a new marketing theme dubbed "No Fences," with the accompanying tag line "Open Space. Open Minds." The words were intended to evoke both the romantic landscape of Idaho and the boundless intellectual opportunities at the university. It was perfect.

Except no one really liked it. So recently both slogans were scrapped in favor of "A Legacy of Leading," which has tested better with alumni and parents. A spokeswoman says the new campaign, expected to cost $900,000 a year, will be "more impactful" with the institution's various audiences.

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