Friday, November 02, 2007

Great expectations

It's in full bloom already.

Just when government has decided to settle in and coast, the demands and expectation for action become more clamorous.

In Labrador, CBC explicitly reports the heightened expectations by the people there. They see two members in cabinet (2/3 of the PC MHAs in the region) and they want results.

The Kruger paper mill in Corner Brook announced the shutdown of a machine and the displaced worker and their union were quick off the mark; they wanted government action and, in particular, action from their MHA (Premier Williams) but he happened to be off on holidays. Still, they insisted and moved up the political food chain and after their meeting with Minister Dunderdale finally received the Premier's personal attention.

Now Williams has vowed to "step up to the plate" after unions officials expressed impatience with the Premier's delay in stepping to it in the first place. The workers has received no satisfaction yet but that might change.

On the heels of those vents we see this: the fish plant in Trouty has closed putting 200 people out of work and they want government action too. They have set up a Facebook page, Save Outport Newfoundland and Labrador, which says in part:
What is the government doing? We elected this party into power with record-breaking results (%70) and the Minister of Fisheries was asked to discuss the matter by CBC today, and what do you think he did? Did he say "sure, let's talk about it!"


He declined the interview.

Please let him know that with a 70% approval rating and billions of dollars in oil money, this province needs its historical outports to be brought back to life. Let this Government know we want a solution. And without a single meeting in the house this fall, this will give them time to think.
It turns out that the 70% vote not only gives government wide license to take innovative and independent actions, a choice largely forgone, it also gives the electorate a wide license to demand prompt and effective attention to the problems which plague them.

And so Premier Williams and his government learns a harsh lesson: If you want unconditional love, stay out of politics and get a dog instead.

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