Wednesday, November 07, 2007


From Steve Paikin's The Agenda comes this episode on this province.

If you are not already familiar with Steve Paikin, you should be. He's a journalist and the author of three books on politics and politicians (the third is a well-received biography of Ontario premier John Robarts).

His show, available on TVO, practices what Paikin calls "long-form" journalism. It is a good example of what a current affairs show should look like. It's too bad we have no equivalent here.

In this episode (after an interview with Nasir Islam on the latest events in Pakistan) his guests are Lana Payne, Lorraine Michael, Craig Wescott, Wade Locke and Tim Powers. They discuss oil money, provincial politics, Premier Williams, the fisheries and the province in general.

It's well worth watching.

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