Thursday, November 22, 2007

Roman origins

The origin legend of Rome says the city was founded on the Palatine Hill (one of the famous seven hills on which the city was built) in 753 BC by the twin sons of the god Mars and priestess Rhea Silvia.

According to mythology Romulus and Remus were nursed by a she-wolf and raised in a cave after being left on the River Tiber's banks.

Now the archeological department of the city of Rome have announced  the discovery of the cave in which the twins were raised.  It is right under the Palatine Hill where it is supposed to be.

It was very close to the palace of the Emperor Augustus who was keen to be associated with the location as he used ancient Roman myths as support for his regime.  The cave itself was ornately decorated and likely used as a place of worship. 

The discoverers were reluctant to enter the cave due to fear of collapse but they did insert a camera.  The images are impressive and amazing.

Augustus was supposed to have decorated the cave with a white eagle.  The camera shows a white eagle in the centre of the cave's ceiling.

If you are keen on more information on the ancient city of Rome, you can check out this digital reconstruction.

Now if I could just find a package tour company who could take me back there . . .

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