Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's a mess - part 3

You would think that this theme would be running it's course but apparently not; the Liberal Party is still tripping up over it's own feet all over the news.

I don't generally agree with much of what Prof. Temelini has to say but he's right on the money this time in his remarks on the Grand Falls-Windsor/Buchans election; I would say bizarre is putting it kindly.

And Yvonne Jones was quoted in the news today as commenting that the Woodrow candidacy was a mistake that that the Liberal Party would have been better off with no candidate at all.

No argument from this corner.

Meanwhile, in the Isles of Notre Dame, either the ball was simply dropped or some people just don't care anymore. Either way, somebody in an official position has not done their job. Surely a gap of 7 votes is worth fighting to overturn/narrow considering the stakes.

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